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Dr. Moemen Al-Reefy

Dr. Moemen Al-Reefy
M.D, D.O., F.R.C.S, F.R.C.Opth. (London-UK)

Since graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) in 1982, Dr. Al-Reefy has distinguished himself in the highest manner both academically and professionally. Upon completing his residency in ophthalmology at Moorfield Eye Hospital and its associated hospitals in England, he completed his subspeciality fellowship in cornea and refractive surgery at Kremer Eye Institute in San Francisco, California. Dr. Al Reefy serves a senior consultant and head of the department of ophthalmology in many teaching hospitals in England, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kingdom of Bahrain. He was also assistant professor in ophthalmology at Basra University College of Medicine and Arabian Gulf University Medical School in Bahrain.
Dr. Al Reefy was among the first surgeons who introduced refractive surgery to the Gulf countries in the mid 1980’s. He brings an international reputation for his pioneering work in Excimer Laser refractive surgery. Over the last two decades, Dr. Al Reefy has performed over 30,000 laser eye surgery procedures, lectured extensively to professional colleagues around the world. Dr. Al Reefy has published many scientific papers and magazine articles on refractive surgery and latest techniques in eye surgery.
Dr. Al Reefy is an active member of many charity societies and performed hundreds of cataract surgery to blind patients in charity camps in Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan. Dr. Al Reefy also leads an active family life with 5 members of his family are specialized doctors.
Throughout his career, he demonstrated a commitment to excellence in education and patient care.

Dr. Mohammed Al Deeb

Dr. Mohammed Al Deeb
M.D, P.h.D

An outstanding experienced cataract surgeon who uses the state of the art technology Phaco Emulsification (removing cataract by ultrasound without sutures, as a day case and under topical local anesthesia).
Dr. Al Deeb was granted a Ph.D. in ophthalmology from Binha University in Egypt in 1994. He completed his subspeciality fellowships in anterior segment & cataract phaco-surgery. He is also a full time professor at Binha Medical School in Egypt. He has also published many articles in international journals of ophthalmology. Dr. Al Deeb has served many Gulf countries for over 10 years as an eminent phaco-cataract surgeon and oculo-plastic consultant. He volunteered in teaching many ophthalmologists the recent advances in phaco-emulsification at many GCC countries.

Dr. Mohammed Al Deeb

Dr Surinder Kumar

Dr Surinder Kumar is an outstanding Eye Surgeon, fellowship in ophthalmology from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, a 300 bedded tertiary eye care centre, an integral part of All India Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences (Country’s Apex Institute) in the year 1982, equivalence of training committee at ROYAL COLLEGE OF OPHTHALMOLOGISTS, London UK has approved the training at R.P. Centre; AIIMS, New Delhi.

He did three years post doctorate specialisation from the same institute in Retina and Lasers, this is a rare combination of anterior and posterior segment subspecialty, and thus can deal with serious complications.

He is one of the 1st few to start phacoemulsification (Cataract surgery) in the Country. He is Pioneer and propagator of Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery. Has vast experience of operating complicated cases. He is renowned Phaco surgeon of North India, doing phacoemulsification without injection for last many years.
Besides running successful eye practice for last more than 20 years, he is organising eye camps and conducting more than 300 free operations on poor and needy every year in association with Charity organisations.
Currently he is in-charged of Phaco surgery unit at Al Reefy Specialist Hospital, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr. Mohammed Al Deeb

Dr. Zaid Ahmad
M.B, Ch.B. D.O.

An Eye surgeon graduated in Iraq in 1977 and qualified from Baghdad university, got the experience from treating patients during Iraqi war, did over 2000 cataract extraction with IOL, All kinds of reconstructive surgeries, interested in retina and specially diabetic retinopathy, work as retinal specialist in Amman/Jordan for 4 years, passed the Canadian physician exam with training in Milton / Ontario, expert in fluroscein angiography and OCT.

Dr. Marcia Martin

Dr. Marcia Martin
M.D, Brazilian Fellowship in Ophthalmology

Dr. Martin has completed her Fellowship training in Ophthalmology in the most well known academic institutions in Brazil, she captured the most advanced techniques in P.R.K, Lasik, Epi Lasik, Customized Lasik,Phakic IOL, ICL & keratoplasty. She has done many phaco cataract surgeries with no sutures & under topical anesthesia. She is also an experience intra corneal rings surgeon for high astigmatism & keratoconus cases.

Dr. Malikanaz Mohammed

Dr. Malikanaz Mohammed
M.D, MSc Ophth.

She was trained as vitreoretinal specialist in Haidrabad Teaching Hospitals in India. She has over 10 years experience as a retinal specialist and has performed a few thousand of Argon Laser treatments with a wide range of experience in diagnosis and treatment of most vitreoretinal pathologies by using the state of the art digital fundal camera, OCT, Ultrasound and various wave lengths of Argon Laser therapy for many retinal disorders.

Dr. Ehab Al Reefy

Dr. Ehab Al Reefy
B.Sc optometry, O.D

Dr. Ehab is a graduate from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has a wide range of experience in diagnosing a variety of refractive errors, corneal disorders, squints, nystagmus, amblyopia and orthoptic disorders. He uses many types of contact lenses to treat large range of refractive errors and early to moderate keratoconus cases. He uses phoropters, central and peripheral visual field perimetries, tomography,corneal topography, corneal aberrometry and biometries.













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